Last year, sales value of various types of construction machinery products in Brazil made up 3.5% of the global total, and Brazil became the largest importer of “Made in China” crane trucks. It is worth pointing out that Brazil, reputed as one of the BRICS countries, always has large demands for construction machinery for its abundant raw material resources, developed agriculture and animal husbandry, and relatively high manpower cost. In particular, Brazil hosted some important international events and conferences in recent years, making Brazil construction machinery market arouse much attention from insiders and resemble a place of strategic importance. Recently, XCMG crane truck BR70E, which was developed and improved by XCMG particularly for Brazilian market, just completed its first hoisting work at a given construction site of the RRX, a dealer of XCMG in Brazil. Meanwhile, the construction process was very efficient and smooth, marking a complete success.

By no means is the BR70E the first crane product that is developed by XCMG for Brazilian market. As early as 2004, XCMG had realized its crane sales to Brazil. In June 2013, a ceremony for delivery of the 3000th XCMG crane to Brazil was grandly held at the Brazil M&T Expo, during which Marcelo, general manager of Sao Jose, had an all-round inspection to the equipment and gave high recognition to XCMG crane products, saying: “We choose XCMG for two reasons, firstly, XCMG is a leading brand in the world construction machinery sector and provides us with products of uncompromising quality; secondly, we are assured of XCMG’s consummate after-sale service network system”.

From the time when it sold to Brazil its first crane product to the year of 2013 when it delivered to the customer the 3000th crane, XCMG forged ahead against all odds, and drew attention from an increasing number of loyal users by virtue of its reliable products and excellent after-sale service system. At the very beginning of this year, more than 100 user-customized XCMG-BR750 crane trucks were shipped to Brazil, and used in the full-swing project construction of Brazil.

Thanks to strong supports from overseas dealers, XCMG Crane 4S stores, which were respectively located in BAHIA State and GOIAS State of Brazil, commenced their running in succession, enabling XCMG to provide Brazilian users with more excellent, efficient, and professional services.

On May 17, 2011, a signing ceremony for XCMG Brazil Industry Park project was grandly held in Paucia City (a transliteration of the city name). As the first wholly-funded production base construction project for XCMG’s internationalization and XCMG’s first overseas complete construction machinery manufacturing base, XCMG Brazil Manufacturing Base signifies that XCMG advances to a higher step in the process of partaking in global competition and turning into a world-class conglomerate.

Three year later, the XCMG Brazil Industry Park with a total investment of US$ 200 million, has been officially put into running so far. With an annual capacity of 7000 construction machinery products, the industry park will be mainly engaged in production of hoisting machinery. With setup of this base, XCMG will turn the South America into another local market, which will expedite XCMG’s outbound expansion and globalization layout. In this context, XCMG’s “Made in Brazil” products will turn into another bridgehead for XCMG to go global and increase its international presence while relying on others’ strengths.

A customer from Indonesia placed an order for XCMG XGC16000 (1250 t) crawler cranes, and planned to put them into an ocean engineering. XCMG has become the first Chinese business to achieve kiloton crawler crane export. It is worth mentioning that XCMG is rewriting the structure of domestic crawler crane market with a market share of over 80% in terms of kiloton crawler cranes.

Relying on the R&D and manufacturing experience in crawler cranes for more than ten years, XCMG has been in a leading position in this field. From the launch of QUY150 (China’s first hundred tonnage crane with proprietary intellectual property right) in 1998 to the rollout of “China’s largest” 300 t crawler crane in 2003 to the successful launch and numerous practical tests of XCMG 1000 t, 2000 t, and 4000 t crawler cranes. The XCMG crawler crane has been setting many new records in the industry. XCMG has 50-4000-tonage series products for wordwide clients, and also it is committed to provide more use values for customers and opening a new generation technology research.

This time the XGC16000 crawler crane exported to the Southeast Asia outshines other “competitors” for its high cost performance, top quality and strong technical strength. The customer, having compared XCMG product with products from other suppliers, concluded that the XCMG product would technically satisfy requirements of hoisting offshore drilling platform equipment, its hoisting performance was better than other products of the industry, and its cost performance was better than other domestic and foreign brands. The successful export of XGC16000 crawler crane is of strategic significance to XCMG. It marks a further step of XCMG to the international market relying on its brand, service and technology. It shows that XCMG has successfully responded to demands from different countries, regions, and customers, and that XCMG has closely integrated innovation and design into its large mobile cranes.