Service contracts

Service contracts are also supplied by Next International Equipment. Some customers might not be familiar with periodic equipment maintenance. Periodic maintenance are significant activities carried out regularly according to predetermined schedule to maintain the condition or operational status of equipment. In order words we can regularly visit our customers to do periodic maintenance.


We’ve often experienced a lack of knowledge and training in crane maintenance as well as crane usage. This is understandable, especially when considering that most companies using these cranes have a completely different core business. However, since crane equipment is so widely needed and used, this is why our specialized knowledge and experience has so frequently proved its importance and continues to do so. Many of the projects we’ve worked on involved poorly maintained cranes and untrained machinists.


It might also be a possibility to assist your engineers with an extra set of hands. You just made a switch to XCMG equipment and you might have questions surrounding XCMG equipment maintenance. At Next International Equipment we care about customers satisfation and we do anything to help. A possibility might be to visit occasionally but we also offer one visit service contracts.

If you are interested in service contracts please contact us.