QY100K Truck Crane


The innovative jib system adopts embedded block, plug-in boom head and international advanced U section jib, which has excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting work.

The unique stretch and retract technique avoids the bend of the core pipe and cylinder and the break of the boom caused by misoperation, improving the safety of the operations.

Eight patent techniques ensure the smooth, high efficiency and energy conservation of the lifting, rotation, and luffing systems.

The torque limiter adopts colorful LCD display, realizing the intelligence of the failure diagnosis. The precision is ahead of the industry.

Adopt the new hydraulic motor with big torque starting point, making the secondary lifting safer.

The humanity design makes the cab and control cab more spacious, and easy to operate.

Six unique manufacturing technologies ensure the high quality.

The working condition expands twice. Newly add 5t counterweight.

Dimension Unit QY100K-I
Overall length, width, height mm 15600×3000×3850
Wheel base mm 1420+2420+1800+1420+1505
Total weight in travel kg 54900   58000
Axle load
Axle 1 kg 7500    7500
Axle 2 kg 7500    7500
Axle 3 kg 8300    10000
Axle 4 kg 12000    12500
Axle 5 kg 12000    12500
Axle 6 kg 7600       8000
Engine rated power kW/(r/min) 360/1800 (306/1900)
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min) 2200/1300 (2010/1200)
Engine rated speed r/min 1800 (1900)
Min. ground clearance mm 310
Approach angle ° 20
Departure angle ° 14
Braking distance (at 30km/h) m ≤10
Max. grade ability % 40
Min. turning diameter m 24
Fuel consumption for 100km L 70
Main performance
Max. rated total lifting capacity m 100
Min. rated working radius 3
Turning radius at turntable tail
Counterweight mm 4200
Aux. winch mm 4590
Max. lifting torque 3450
Base boom kN.m 3450(4m×88t)
Fully extended boom kN.m 1950(24m×7.1t)
Fully extended boom+ jib kN.m 1230(19.2m×6t)
Outrigger span (full extension)
Longitudinal m 7.56
Lateral m 7.6
Lifting height
Base boom m 13.5
Fully extended boom m 50.9
Fully extended boom+ jib m 70.4
Boom length m 13.5
Fully extended boom m 51
Fully extended boom+ jib m 51+18.1+4
Working speed
Jib setting angle ° 0、15、30
Boom luffing time s 75
Boom telescoping time
Full extension s 160
Max. swing speed r/min 2
Outrigger extension/retraction time
Outrigger beam in extension/retraction s 25/15
Outrigger jack in extension/retraction s 45/25
Lifting speed (single rope, layer 4)
Main winch m/min 105
Aux. winch m/min 104